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Not so surprisingly, she came to the next session with a clarity of intention that she was resolved and ready to have a child of her own.

This example illustrates beautifully the magic that can happen when we follow the sensations of the body-mind and trust its process.

The practitioner’s fingertips seem to just follow that opening, slowly sinking deeper into the tissue as your body feels comfortable with the finger pressure.

Then s/he moves on to the next points, opening them up as well, and on from there, two points at a time, connecting them energetically. At times you might get an image, something that might remind you of something, like a memory stored in your body.

We are pleased to prepare a professional quote for you.

Air-Plus uses these records to advise you on the optimal time to plan for equipment replacement.

Jin Shin Do® opened up a way to work with the mind and emotions through the body-mind, an effective treatment that went beyond the limits of “talk therapy”, shifting energies on a deeper level.

I subsequently studied acupuncture at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR.

We’ve earned a reputation for understanding and serving the unique needs of retail in-store marketing.

For almost 20 years, Haman Midwest has served many of the most respected brands in retail, across the nation and in our backyard.

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