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Image Credit: Dating sites need to generate as much online dating data as possible for more probability of success in matching up partners who like each other.

Mc Kinlay was not satisfied with the compatible match making algorithms the dating sites were using as it did not help him find his Mrs.

There is high probability that users might not be honest in answering the questionnaire or users end up providing inaccurate information unintentionally.

For example, females usually tend to lie about their weight, age and build while males might provide inaccurate information about their height, income and age intentionally.

Some of the dating websites are making efforts to generate online dating data for big data analytics by analyzing the behavior of users on the dating website based on the kind of profiles they visit.

Few other dating sites employ collaborative filtering (preferences and tastes of several users are grouped into sets of similar users) to recommend dates based on their preferences and tastes.

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