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or if someone writes in nicely and explains the situation and backs it up with documentation...I am under no obligation to remove anything from my site... I don't post the profiles, and I remove the profiles when someone pays or prooves that they are a the victim.He is exposing the victim to further harrassment via the predator concerned by handing over entrusted details for the fee of .

Customer Info ------------------- Full Name : XXXXXXXX Email Address : [email protected] Agent : XXXXXXXXXXXX Remote Addr : Timestamp : 07/30/2008 Question / Comment ------------------- Hi J_Dog, Could you please remove all psycho profiles I have listed please.

if I removed everyone who wrote in, I would have no site...

therefore I remove the profile in question if someone donates to pay for my time...

The information is still up there despite all that was written.

The victim concerned did not "threaten" him in any way.

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