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I’ve personally either witnessed, or experienced, those Sistas (again, NOT “all”) who act as if they’re doing you some grand gesture, by “giving you a chance” – the same Sistas who make up the client rolls of “relationship experts,” and keep the same kinds of book on the New York Times’ bestseller’s lists, bemoaning where “all the good Men have gone”; am I the only one who sees the Great Irony here?

I for one will pass on that kind of Noblese Oblige, thank you very much.

Look, in truth, just like most people – including Sistas – work for somebody else for a living, most Blue Collar Brothas work for someone else for a living, and there’s nothing in the least bit wrong with that. It’s one thing to have a preference (and for the record, fellas reading along: please do not ever attempt to “convince” a woman to go out with you) – but it’s something else to evince bigotry onto others, to profile them, to enervate them, simply because they’re not to your liking.

The vast majority of Educated Sistas, at best, work in middle management positions – they are hardly the HNICs of their organizations, more often than not – so why the own the company he works for or something? Yes, you read that right – I did indeed use the words “bigotry” and “profiling” – because that’s exactly what so many college-educated, professional (in this case Black, but by no means are they alone) women, do, to Blue Collar Guys like myself.

Again, I’m not going to sit here and act as though fellas from the Blue Collar ranks can do no wrong – quite the opposite in fact.

when they’ve been pumped and dumped by the guys of their dreams, could never get his attention at all, or have come out of bad marriages and the like just the same, do they ostensibly turn to me and mine to save them from relationship oblivion.It’s just the way that this whole “Brave New World” type of discussion is conducted, not just in both the White and Black media but as well in real life conversations and the like, well, it just rubs me the wrong way.As noted above, we Blue Collar Guys are not seen as people; just cardboard caricatures, props to be inserted and moved about into the varying discussions and narratives, stereotypes to be bandied about, and little more, that deeply irks me.For every Blue Colla Brotha you can find me who has umpteen kids by as many Baby Mamas, squanders his paycheck on booze and weed or has trouble distinguishing between his work blues and a blue fedora, I can find you just as many self-absorbed to the point of needing/utilizing navel gazing therapy for years, overly-entitled, squanders their own paycheck on mimosas, Jimmy Choos and lavish vacations, seriously personality-challenged Educated/Professional Sistas who are just stompdown convinced that their stuff don’t stink.After all, it wasn’t the Blue Collar Brigade that ran this country into the ground economically over the past half-decade, so we can dismiss the notion that fiscal mismanagement (among a great many human frailties and foibles) is the sole preserve of the Dickies Crowd.

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