Stop being so accommodating

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Doug Laycock, on behalf of the LDS Church (and others) makes a compelling argument why the best argument is grounded in free exercise of religion.And the State of Colorado and others – their briefs are coming later – have strong arguments as to why anti-discrimination laws should prevail here anyway. Frankly, I’ve never even made up my own mind; I keep changing it whenever I read a new legal argument.

The weight of it is also quite lighter than the other segments and the wheel dimensions range between 8 to 12 inches as per the diameter.

If the state is going to personal services to not “discriminate,” it has to be consistent on what “discrimination” actually means.

There’s evidence that Colorado was perfectly happy with bakers who refused to make cakes for anti-gay events, but then punished bakers who refused to make cakes for pro-gay events.

There’s a core “freedom of conscience” principle that criss-crosses the First Amendment, although the exact analytical approaches vary.

I personally think the baker’s best argument is grounded in free speech.

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